• Innovative concept for mold makers and service companies
  • Deep hole drilling, standard drilling, milling, tapping, boring in a single machine
  • Eliminates setup operations in mold manufacturing
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Reduction of time and costs
  • Embedded drilling and machining processes, minimizing human errors
  • Brand of excellence, internationally recognized in the mold industry
  • CHETO machines represent an excellent investment for their multitasking features


   1st       60% reduction in drilling time

         2nd      40% reduction in setup time

        3rd       20% reduction in mold machining time



    Rapid Tool changing systems to change between deep hole drilling and milling processes effectively

   → Customized structure to increase milling capacity (chips removal rate)

   → Active control software dedicated to deep hole drilling, tapping and milling

          Ability to, in a single click, translate and rotate coordinates

          Latest generation of numerical controls, digital servo-drives, linear slides and high-precision roller guides

          Filtering and cooling the cutting fluid

          Pressure and flow adjustment to meet the tools requirements

          Deep hole drilling with gun-drills at high pressure

          Smart and online control system with remote access

          Rapid and precise machining

          Self-compensation of the machine’s dimensional parameters in relations to operating conditions,

               namely : temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.

          Optimized life cycle, safety and energy efficiency

          Easy reconfiguration and adaptation to new production/manufacturing realities

          User-friendly, safety and environmental efficiency