HSC technology : Maximum speed with high acceleration


exeron high-speed milling machines achieves execellent results in hard metals and graphite with very precise surfaces and removal rates safely.


Tools and work pieces changer for fast and smooth milling are integrated in all of our HSC machines.

Depending on machine size it can be extended to 90 position.

Same applies to graphite processing with the strongest graphite extraction available on the market.

Our HSC milling machines are prepared for further integration to project systems for milling and EDM automation.


Gantry design for maximum rigidity and high precision are adopted for our milling centers.

Portal and machine bed are made of mineral casting which ensures maximum vibration dampening.

Achieving perfect accuracy in work piece machining with high dynamics is top priority for all of our machines components.

The keywords “Short distances between tool cutting edge and linear guides”, “Large ball screw spindles and linear guides”,

“Smallest tool diameter even in hardened steel”, “Digital axis drives”, “Vector-controlled high-frequency spindles” and

“Spindle length compensation” stand for this.


Direct position measuring systems, automatic tool measurement and breakage control minimize the adjustment effort to enable complete self-sufficient use of exeron milling machines. A range of special optional equipment are available to enhance our universal high speed milling machines to meet each customer production needs.


Our high end MP7 with linear direct drives guarantees the highest efficiency for micro-precision machining for 3 or 5 axis machining.


Dry, wet or graphite machining are possible on the HSC MP7 with ultra-clean design and the highest dynamics.

The high-quality stainless steel interior, integrated active temperature control, covered automated measuring laser and internal spindle sensor speaks for itself.

HSC control technology : milling machine management without compromise


The same philosophy of our HSC milling machines applies to the control technology : we make no compromises for perfection.

Heidenhain iTNC640 HSCI FS, the latest generation of CNC, combines and optimizes motion control, short block processing time,

simple contour programming in 2D and 3D as well as special control strategies in a state-of-the-art path control system.


The structure of the machine is well integrated with the drive control and inverter to achieve the highest processing speed and maximum contour accuracy.

The machining parameters can be set individually for each NC program.

You can rely on the latest generation of Heidenhain control for integrated functional safety for advanced modes of operation.

Perfect level of machine vibration, automatic re-calibration of the machine kinematics and dynamic collision monitoring

– are added powerful features of this control system.

The easy-to-learn plain text programming in the respective national language are available for customers.


The unique ASQ (Advanced Surface Quality Control) software for maximum optimization of the surface quality of milled components are available only at exeron.


The control technology enable dampening of even the minimal vibration.

Quality of the work piece is greatly improved, resulting in complete elimination of rework.