unisign Machine Tools was founded in 1973 as an engineering company specialise in developing, designing tooling, fixtures and special purpose machines for the metal cutting industry.   The first CNC machining centre was introduced in the early eighties and was developed mainly for drilling and tapping applications.


unisign Machine Tools has now evolved as a company producing innovative and proven machine tool technology for customers worldwide in all market segments.


Core to our success has been a clear company philosophy :

to design all our standard machines in such a way that they can be tailor-made to create the ideal solution for each individual customer.   Discover our evolution through the decades.


mission statement

  • unisign Machine Tools provides high quality and innovative CNC machining centres - partially customised, partially standardised.
  • Our products add value to manufacturing processes for our customers thus adding value to unisign Machine Tools. 

unisign Machine Tools is a  family business and our philosophy is to develop, produce and assemble our own products.

As a partner in productivity, we offer our customers a fast and reliable support services.