CAR s.r.l. , with thirty-years of industrial experiences, is one of the leading manufacturers for cylinder Honing and Lapping machines.  Our machines are manufactured in Italy and are sold around the world bearing our trade-mark, which is a guarantee of quality and efficiency.


CAR s.r.l. machines are applicable for the honing of :

- tubes, hydraulic distributors, injectors,

- gears, bushes, hard metal for dies, ceramic

- several industrial processes like oil, hydraulics, cylinders super-finishing,

- after deep hole drilling and grinding, etc…


CAR s.r.l. standard production includes :

 - Horizontal Honing machines up to 10.000 mm work piece length

- Vertical CNC Honing machines for honing up to diameter 1.500 mm

- CNC, manual or automatic honing machines are controlled by PLC using  "LPE" software which is developed by CAR s.r.l.


Our machine program can be tailored-made for specific Customer's requirements and honing parameters.


CAR s.r.l also produce MANDRELS for all bore type with diameter ranging from 3,80 ~ 1,560mm.  These Mandrels are equipped with expansion systems, nominal, single stroke and hardened.  Diamond / CBN Sleeves and Special Tools are manufactured based on Customers' specific needs.  It can assemble Abrasive and Super-abrasives STONES with Silicon Carbide, aluminium Oxide, CBN, Diamond, resin or metal bond.


With a team of highly specialized technical staff, CAR s.r.l is able to solve any kinds of honing problem.  

Our continuous research and development are constantly rewarded through the Customers' satisfaction and fidelity.

RTI Series

CAR s.r.l.  Horizontal Honing Machine are equipped with an electronic system on the mandrel-holder for complete control of the mandrel's expansion, rotation and stroke.  It is best for honing cylinders, oil-hydraulics tubes and other tubular parts.
The new "LPE" software is designed specifically for honing application and are extremely versatile and user-friendly.  Some useful functions are : initial cylinder touching, control of thrust force, positioning of the mandrel and control over cycle time, stock removal, cutting pressure on abrasives, etc …


CAR s.r.l.  wide range of honing mandrels and various type of abrasive stones, diamond, CBN, special honer are available for any bore size.  It is manufactured to customers' requirements for achieving any surface finishing and stock removal result. 

Process monitoring

  • Mandrel position inside the cylinder
  • Expansion rate of abrasives honer
  • rotational speed of the mandrel
  • stroke speed of the mandrel
  • overload detection on the mandrel
  • thrust monitoring on the mandrel
  • immediate understanding of working video-windows
  • different honing mode : “roughing” , “finishing”
  • cycle time
  • stock removal
  • alarm messages
  • help video-windows


Mechanical Characteristics

  • Manual locking system (mechanical vices, chain...) or automatic hydraulic self-centering vices
  • Honing oil tank capacity of 400 liters with electro-pump
  • Magnetic separator and other filtering system (e.g. cartridge filtration)
  • Refrigerant conditioner for electric cable
  • Ergonomic control console
  • Color graphic touch screen monitor


Technical Data

  • Variable mandrel rotation speed control
  • Mandrel rotation speed range 0~600 rpm
  • Mandrel-holder stroke variable speed control
  • Mandrel-holder stroke speed 0~35 m/min
  • Mandrel minimum expansion increment : 0,002 mm


Honing Capacity (standard machine)

  • Maximum honing length     : 8.000 mm
  • Minimum honing diameter  : 25 mm
  • Maximum honing diameter : 750 mm


PLC and Program

  • automatic PLC for complete control of all functions, with video security and diagnostic functions
  • Numerical control of working axes
  • “LPE software” for visualization and verification of honing process and parameters
  • Program and option change on color-graphic monitor with variable feed control
  • Automatic control with abrasive “cross corner”
  • Memory of parameters after the machine is OFF (absolute positioning)

PE1500 Vertical Honing Machine






A new line of Vertical Honing Machines for tubes with a maximum length of

1,200 mm and diameter up to 400 mm (standard parameters) with the possibility to clamp work pieces according to customer’s requirements.

Technical Specifications

Maximum length of work piece           : 1,500 mm

Maximum internal diameter                : 400 mm

Minimum internal diameter                 : 23 mm

Maximum external diameter                : 500 mm

Mandrel stroke                                         : continuously variable

Mandrel speed range                              : 0 ~ 300 rpm

Mandrel holder (head) stroke              : continuously variable

Mandrel holder (head) speed range   : 0 ~ 25 m/min

Minimum tool expansion increment  : 0,002 mm

Capacity of oil tank                                  : 450 liters

Machine size (W x D x H)                       : 1,400 x 1,800 x 4,500 mm

Weight                                                          : 2,200 kg



The vertical honing machine - PE Series - is able to use different types of honer.

- COLMER with a big expansion range are suitable for end users whom have small badge of tubes but a relatively wide range of        diameters.

- TLY which should be used for big quantity production with high materials removal.


EMO 29 Ø 25 ~ 33
EMO 44 Ø 31 ~ 44
EMO 66 Ø 44 ~ 66
EMO 350 Ø 63 ~ 500
TLY23        Ø 23 ~ 26
TLY 26 Ø 26 ~ 30
TLY 30 Ø 30 ~ 35
TLY 35 Ø 34 ~ 45
TLY 45 Ø 45 ~ 60
TLY 60 Ø 60 ~ 80
TLY 80 Ø 80 ~ 100
TLY 100 Ø 100 ~ 125
TLY 125 Ø 125 ~ 150
TLY 150 Ø 150 ~ 180
TLY 180 Ø 180 ~ 220
TLY 220 Ø 220 ~ 260
TLY 260 Ø 260 ~ 300
TLY 300 Ø 300 ~ 400


PE 500 Vertical Cylinders Honing Machines



PE 500  - Vertical Honing Machine is extremely versatile. 

It is very easy to use and promised very high honing performances. 

With its touch screen , PLC , the operator can program all the main honing functions by very intuitive video pages for a very quick self-learning.
LPE (Logical Programmable Evoluta) software is installed. 

It enables the complete control in real time of working data and setting for high production cycles.  It is possible to personalize the automatic charge system of work pieces for honing and their clamping depending on customer requirements.

Technical Specifications

Minimum ~ Maximum internal diameter : 5 ~ 60 mm

Maximum external diameter                        : 750 mm

Maximum honing length                                : 600 mm

Mandrel stroke                                                  : continuously variable

Mandrel speed range                                       : 0 ~ 3,000 rpm

Mandrel holder (head)                                   : Continuously variable

Maximum speed mandrel holder (head)  : 30 m/min

Capacity of oil tank                                         : 220 liters

Machine size (W x D x H)                              : 1,100 x 1,450 x 3,300 mm

Weight                                                                : 2,200 kg

LEO 91 - Portable Honing Machine

Technical Specification

Spindle speed                       : 450 rpm

Honing oil tank                    : 6 liter

Motor                                      : 0.5 HP - 50 Hz (220V or 12V on requests)

Machine size (W x D x H)  : 400 x 600 x 500 mm

Weight (approx.)                  : 30 kg

LEO 100 - Portable Honing Machine

LEO 100
LEO 100

LEO 100  is a portable honing machine with very low weight suitable for most working table.
It is the right solution for any cylinder honing.  Regulating lever for abrasive expansion-pressure are equipped.  It have a system which permit quick approach of abrasive stones to the cylinder sides.  Small badge quantity becomes very easy as a result.  

The motor has a variable speed inverter enabling constant speed changes.


Technical Specification

 Honing diameter : 3,8 ~ 90 mm

                                                                 Spindle speed       : 0~1,000 rpm *

                                                                 Motor                      : 0,55 kW

                                                                 Machine size         : 500 x 650 x 580 mm (H)

                                                                 Weight                     : 45 kg

                                                                 * 120~1,200 rpm or 240~2,400 rpm is possible upon order.

LEO 110 - Honing Machine

LEO 110
LEO 110

There are some differences between model : LEO 100

(1)   LEO 110 has an integrated base with the machine

(2)   quick approach of abrasive stones

(3)   Mandrel rotation is activated by a pedal attached to the machine.

(4)   LEO 110 is ideal for workshop use.

(5)   The motor has a variable speed inverter enabling constant speed changes.


Technical Specification

Honing diameter range : 3,8 ~ 139 mm

Mandrel speed                  : 0 ~ 1,000 rpm *

Motor                                  : 0,55 kW

Machine size                     : 650 x 670 x (H) 1,350 mm

                                                       Weight                                : 130 kg

                                                       * 120~1,200 rpm or 240~2,400 rpm is possible upon order.                                             

LEO 120A - Horizontal Honing Machine

LEO 120A
LEO 120A



LEO 120 A is simple and easy to use. 

It is most suitable for honing holes of every kind and size.  

Achieving finishing and roughness with perfect geometry, 

diameter with high precision.

Suitable for honing of all bores for different material of rods,

cylinders of motorcycles, hydraulic cylinders, hobs, etc...
Type : CM, GV, TX, PF, TL and COL

Technical Specification

Honing diameter range                   : 3,8 ~ 139 mm

Distance between spindle centers : 160 mm

Spindle speed                                  : 220~430 rpm / 360~730 rpm /

                                                           520~1,060 rpm / 700~1,500 rpm

Honing oil tank capacity                 : 60 liters

3 phase motor

2 speed main motor                        : 1st speed - 0,9 HP

                                                         : 2nd speed - 1,3 HP

Coolant pump motor                       : 0,25 HP - 220V / 380V - 50 Hz

Machine size (W x D x H)               : 760 x 870 x 1,490 mm

Weight                                             : 185 kg

LEO 120 AI

LEO 120 AI
LEO 120 AI


This honing machine has the same technical specification as LEO 120

but with different spindle speed.

It has a constant variable spindle speed from 190 ~ 2,500 rpm

LEO 120A 2T

LEO 120A 2T
LEO 120A 2T

LEO 120A 2T has been very successful for

medium production of diameter up to 60 mm. 


It has two independent heads :

Head A - has expansion spindles and the working stops

               leaving some 1/100 mm from the final measure ;

Head B - using a specific sleeve, permits the calibration with only one                                                                     operation on the work piece.  Hence very good for very short cycle                                                         time, high tolerances and finishing requirements.


                                     The Expansion Mandrel A can have speed selection for 

                                     220~430 rpm360~730 rpm, 520~1060 rpm, 700~1500 rpm.

                                     The Calibration Mandrel B have only one speed which is pre-selected in                                                   accordance with the end user needs for its work pieces.

LEO 120AI 2T

LEO 120AI 2T is able to have constant and independent rotation speed selection for both Mandrel A and B by an Electronic Variation System.

This characteristic makes it very versatile and adaptable for any types of work with different diameter, achieving very high precision for the bore.