Weingȁrtner®  Maschinenbau GmbH has been producing large, complex and highly precise milling/turning centers for many years. 

Weingȁrtner®  offers a comprehensive and flexible multi product machining center (mpmc).


Complete machining methods are available for the down-hole components (collars, progressive cavity pump : rotor & stator),

sub-sea valve block, tubing hangers, barrels, crankshafts, landing gears, steam & gas turbine shafts and many other large turning/milling work pieces in a highly economical way, all in one single setup.


Availability of all universal milling/turning head units with a short changeover time guarantees a decisive competitive advantage for our customers.


mpmc are available in 6 sizes, starting with the 600 series up to the mighty mpmc 2000

A maximum turning/milling diameter of 2,000mm (78”) and machining length up to 15m (50’) are available. 

The rigid structure, powerful machining units and ability to handle up to  60 metric tons are suitable for heavy-duty,

as well as high precision machining operations.


The programs for the SIEMENS 840D control are either automatically generated by WeinCAD® or manually input at the machine. 

The diagnostic program WMDS® in combination with the simulation software CHECKitB4® ensures maximum safety and productivity.